The Eco Performance Award

The leading European award for sustainability in the commercial cargo transport is entering its twelfth round, and this is where the pioneers of the sector forge innovative and highly practical paths into the future. Any earlier application or winning of the award has no influence on renewed participation and evaluation.

The Eco Performance Award is awarded to businesses that are able to unite both ecological and economic considerations. Our panel of judges evaluates commitment to employees and society in addition to business success and environmental protection.

Both innovative measures (e.g. technologies and organisational solutions) are evaluated as well as dependable, application-oriented holistic concepts. Concepts and projects sent in must have been implemented in practice.

Convince us of your sustainability strategy – become a role model for others and benefit from the positive effects of the award.

Your benefits

Competitive advantages due to sustainability

A high quality and sustainable range of logistics and transport services in combination with economic business not only creates competitive advantages, but also sets signs for a responsible handling of our environment and society in general. Sustainability represents the factor for success and sympathy for a common future.


A positive image for your company

Use the Eco Performance Award as a recommendation and reference for your company image. Reporting about the finalists and winners in leading trade journals for the transport sector also strengthens your presence in the media. Winners can utilise the awards ceremony as an opportunity to present their sustainable concepts to members of the industry. The event is also an ideal public image platform for any responsibility-conscious business. Take advantage of these positive synergy effects and apply now!


The Eco Performance seal of quality

The Eco Performance Award seal is bestowed on both finalists and winners as part of the award ceremony. In addition to the existing prizes, the seal is an exclusive premium award and can be effectively presented in the company's business rooms and on the fleet of trucks. This seal of quality emphasises the high innate value of the Eco Performance Award and also acclaims the company as a pioneer for sustainable activities within the European transport and logistics sector. Take advantage of the positive radiance of the Eco Performance Award seal for the successful external presentation of your company.


An overview of your benefits

  • Achieve unique competitive advantages thanks to sustainability.
  • Utilise the award and strengthen your image.
  • Show your success with the exclusive Eco Performance seal of quality, for example on your vehicle fleet.

Increasing your Eco Performance

Receive first-hand tips and tricks from our experts for increasing and optimising your ecological performance. The list below outlines initial approach methods.

  • Control and safeguarding of quality
  • Accessing new market segments
  • Efficient fleet management
  • Use of telematics for optimum route and tour planning
  • Optimisation of cargo space capacity
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Activities towards increasing energy efficiency
  • Use of regenerative energies and fuels
  • Use of alternative drives
  • Environmentally friendly transport fleets
  • Use of fuel-saving tyres
  • Training measures
  • Training within the company
  • Organisation of team events
  • Family-friendly work times
  • Safe, health-compliant workplace organisation
  • Social commitment outside of the company

Initiators and partners

The Eco Performance Award as an independent seal of quality is funded by DKV Euro Service.

The cooperation with the Chair for Logistics Management at the University of St. Gallen enables the professional assessment and evaluation of all received application concepts thanks to extensive know-how and expertise. In addition, the Chair for Logistics Management represents an international platform for scientific and practical dialogue in the logistics, supply chain management and traffic sectors.

We have been able to acquire strong premium partners in the form of the renowned companies of Knorr-Bremse and PTV Group, that comply with the ideals of the Eco Performance Award and further emphasise the importance of the award. As global players, these companies provide the Eco Performance Award with valuable stimuli and promote its establishment at international levels